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Our Team

October Creek’s Riding Team is a group of horse-loving friends that love – and live – to ride. We attend all sorts of events, including hunter paces, horse shows, camping with our horses, beach rides, trail rides, poker rides, and so much more. The riding team’s head trainer, CJ Millar, offers coaching, trailering (when available – otherwise we coordinate with a great network of commercial shippers), and will even allow partial leases on her team of horses for the right person. Interested in joining the team, or even tagging along with us to some fun events? You don’t even need to have your horse here to be a part of the October Creek Riding Team. Some of our friends are from barns just around the corner. We even have friends around the country! Drop us a line to find out more about joining us on our next outing!

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In order to trailer with the October Creek Riding Team to a show or hunter pace, you must have been in lessons with October Creek for at least two months prior to the show, and have been taking a minimum of one lesson per week. For students wishing to jump, you must be schooling at a minimum of 6″ higher than you are showing or plan on jumping. Coaching is required for the day at any show if you are attending with the October Creek Riding Team.


1 Student Showing – $75
2 Students Showing – $65
3+ Students Showing – $60
$10 Discount if CJ is also showing. Prices shown are per rider.

Hunter Paces

Hunter paces are a great way to enjoy an afternoon ride in the countryside along a marked trail. Riders go out in teams of two or three at two minute intervals. Multiple divisions are available for different levels of riders, and the goal is to ride along the marked route in as close to the ideal time as possible. The time is not known when you start the pace; it is based on the fitness and overall condition of the horses, as well as the “ideal pace” for the season and terrain. For hunter paces, everyone is responsible for finding their own team(s) to ride with. If you need help, please let CJ know the level you are interested in. CJ will try to assist in finding you a team, however this cannot be guaranteed.

October Creek focuses primarily on the Windy Hollow Hunt and Quiet Creek pace series in the spring and fall. You can find out more about their hunter paces on the Windy Holly Hunt website or on the Windy Hollow Hunt Facebook page.

Fox Hunting

October Creek is honored to periodically receive invitations to ride with the Windy Holly Hunt. Fox hunting is on an invitation-only basis, and is at the discretion of the Huntmaster and Master of Foxhounds of Windy Hollow. Learn more about fox hunting on the Windy Hollow Hunt site.

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While October Creek does not have its own trailers, CJ will occasionally offer trailering services. Please keep in mind, CJ’s own horses will always receive priority when attending events. Should there be insufficient room on the trailer, trailering may be available with other shippers in the area, including Diane of Mt. Salem Transport, and Kyle of Pine Valley Acres. Rates listed below are for CJ’s trailer only. Please contact commercial shippers directly for their pricing and availability.

Trailering Rates

Trailering rates with CJ are $0.90 per mile locally with a $50 minimum, with special quotes for long distance hauling (camping trips, beach rides, etc.). Payment is due one week in advance for local trips and one month in advance for long distance trips. Late fees will apply for payments not received on time. Late fees range between $5 – $10, depending on how late the payment is received and whether it was local or long distance trailering.

Leasing/Showing Opportunities

CJ will occasionally offer her personal horses on a partial lease to students when they work well together and “click.” Leasing fees start from $150 per month for 2-3 rides per week, plus half of all expenses (vaccinations, supplements, farrier, veterinarian, chiropractor, dental, etc.) as applicable to the wellbeing of the horse. Lesson packages are required in order to be considered for a lease, and all leases are on-site at October Creek only. As these are CJ’s personal horses, CJ reserves the right to select leases on a case-by-case basis. Leases are only available to members of the October Creek Riding Team.

What are you waiting for? Come join our team!

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