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Live, Love, Laugh…and RIDE! This has always been our motto, and a personal mantra of CJ Millar. Whether riding at a horse show, enjoying a trail on the mountain, or hunter pacing on a fall Sunday afternoon before watching football, life is made up of good times, good friends, and of course, good horses. Everyone at October Creek works together to make every day great. We offer a variety of lessons and training  packages for our clients and their horses, with coaching at horse shows and events. Prices below are current for 2014 (effective January 1, 2015 for current clients).


Introductory Lesson – $45 one time fee

Enjoy a 45 minute lesson that includes time on the ground and in the saddle. This helps us to better understand you and your riding goals. Good for all types of riders from beginners to advanced, it helps us spend time together to determine the best package and program for you.

Private Lesson Package – $150 for four lessons per month

Our basic lesson lesson package includes four private lessons each month that run on average between 30 – 45 minutes.  Ride your horse our our horses (based on availability) and work together towards your riding goals. Interested in even more riding time? Consider upgrading to the Premier Lesson Package!

Premier Lesson Package – $300 for eight lessons per month

Our basic lessons package just got upgraded! With twice as many lessons per month, there’s more riding time for you with our trainers. Focus on flat one day and jumping the next, or alternate between no stirrup work and practice on the flat and over fences to improve your riding. With twice as much riding time, it’s twice as much fun!


Evaluation Session – $65 one time fee

The evaluation session includes between 30 min to one hour with one of our trainers working with your horse to determine where they are at, current challenges, and develop a plan to help your horse reach their fullest potential for your goals and riding needs.

Standard Training Package – $150 for four sessions per month

Sessions on average run between 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the fitness of the horse, both physically and mentally, and what is being worked on in each session. Training may include ground work, lunging, riding, and more to help your horse reach your goals. Sessions are spread out throughout the course of the month at the trainer’s discretion for the best interest of the horse’s progress.

Advanced Training Package – $300 for eight sessions per month

When you need more than just a few sessions a month, the advanced training package is the answer. Whether you need help with a problem horse or correcting vices, or furthering along your greenie, or even expanding the horizons of your equine partner into new disciplines, we’re here to help. The eight sessions are included over the course of the month, spread out based on goals at the trainer’s discretion.

Excel Training Package – $450 for twelve sessions per month

Sometimes, more really is better! With twelve sessions a month, we’ll work with your horse to help them reach their true potential even sooner. Great for greenies and rescues, this really helps get things going in the right direction, with a solid foundation for you and your horse to build on. Availability is limited based on trainers’ schedules, so please contact us if you are interested!

Basic Exercise

For horse owners who can’t make it to the barn as often as they’d like, travel plans keeping them away, or they just want their horse to get some more exercise for those “air ferns,” October Creek offers basic exercise packages. Exercise includes the option of basic lunging or riding on the flat, with  walk/trot/canter work for the benefit of the horse’s condition. Sessions last between 15 – 30 minutes of exercise, plus grooming, tacking, cooling out, and untacking. In order for horses to be eligible for basic exercise, they must be easy to handle and be considered trained under saddle, able to walk, trot, and canter (on the correct leads) on both directions without issue.

The Treadmill Package – $120 for four sessions per month

The Gym Membership – $240 for eight sessions per month

Please note that all lessons and training services at October Creek are done exclusively through the Arabian Rescue Mission, as we believe it is important to support a good cause.

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